Oaxtepec is a town in the municipality of Yautepec in the state of Morelos, Mexico. The name comes from a Nahuatl word: Huax-Tepec; from huaxin: "guaje", tepetl: "hill" and -c: "place". The interpretation of all this has generally been accepted as: "place of the guajes" or "hill of the guajes".


• Former Santo Domingo de Guzmán convent.

• El Bosque Ejidal Spa

• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec.


Cuautla is a city in the Mexican state of Morelos, known for its rich history of warfare. The Cuautla Historical Museum has exhibits by the revolutionary leaders Emiliano Zapata and José María Morelos. To the southwest is the former Chinameca hacienda, where Zapata was ambushed and killed. His remains are buried in the Plaza de la Revolución del Sur, the central square of the city. El Almeal and Agua Hedionda are natural hot springs.


• Vivencia Ferrocarril 279 Museum

• Former Hacienda de Coahuixtla

• Santiago Apóstol Parish

• Alameda de Cuautla.

• Agua Hedionda Spa

• El Almeal Spa


2 km from the Oaxtepec Water Park and 2 blocks from the Hotel Hacienda Cocoyoc.

Constitución # 26 Col. Lucio Moreno, Municipality of Yautepec. Cocoyoc, Morelos. CP. 62736

+52 (735) 35 60390

+52 (55) 56913537